Remote Sessions

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Add real harp parts to your project - work with Amy from anywhere in the world!

  • With over ten years of experience as a recording artist, Amy has worked extensively at sessions both in UK studios and at home.
  • Using the same home recording setup used for her YouTube videos, Amy is able to record isolated harp parts to enhance new projects like yours. She can consult on your harp parts to ensure they are playable, authentic and convey all the emotion you want them to.
  • As an accomplished arranger, Amy is always interested in collaborating with composers and can create her own harp parts for pre-existing or work-in-progress music as required.
  • No specific ideas? Amy can also just jam to your tracks, and you can select your favourite moments to use in the final product.
  • A greater range of sounds than a sample library - in addition to providing realism to your harp parts, Amy can add extended techniques and harp percussion to your project.

Contact Amy for more information and session fees

  • Amy is open to all project offers - with a particular personal interest in working with metal bands and video game composers.
  • Amy works primarily with notation, but can also adapt MIDI, piano roll, or work by ear as needed. 


Amy has recorded for short films, TV commercials, Guru Drums, a wide variety of bands and artists including Gloryhammer, Son of Sam, Tunde Jegede, Season's End, Amateur Transplants and more.